Kalasarpa & The Plague

Unlike the pandemic of 1918 (the so called Spanish Flu), our current pandemic intensified as a kalasarpa yoga was being formed. This occurs when all the planets are contained between the nodes of the Moon, meaning on one side of the 180 degree line they form. Furthermore this was in effect during the vernal equinox, making it highly potent. The Moon will periodically move out of this formation, thus temporarily breaking it for about 14 days at a time, but now myself and other astrologers have begun to note that we likely won’t see real and lasting improvement in curtailing the spread of the virus until the end of May (the 29th), when one planet aside from the Moon finally moves outside of the configuration, thus breaking it, though not completely overriding it, for most of the other planets will still be in its grips.

That first planet is Mercury. Significantly the Moon at that time will also be outside of the configuration. This could be the beginning of stronger medicines and strategies emerging to help slow the spread of the virus. It could also mean that countries who have been through hell begin to see the results of the actions they took to curb the virus really taking effect. Either way this is a stabilizing influence, especially as Mercury will be in its own sign of Gemini.

The Sun is the next body to break through the configuration on June 20th, but the very next day (June 21st) there will be a solar eclipse conjoined the Dragon’s Head very closely, but fortunately Rahu is no longer in Ardra nakshatra (and neither are the Sun/Moon). The Sun itself emerging may herald governmental stability and power returning especially in countries where it may have be greatly reduced. Yet this eclipse still causes one to raise an eyebrow, especially regarding the US, as this eclipse will occur very close to the natal Mars of the US birth chart. This Mars is both the lord of the ascendant (the country and the people) and the 6th lord (disease) and is posited in the 8th (death). Later, on September 5th, Rahu will transit the exact degree of said US Mars. The last time this exact transit occurred was January 29th, 2002, on which day then US president George W. Bush “in his State of the Union Address,  described North KoreaIran and Iraq as an “axis of evil“” (Wikipedia & https://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/onpolitics/transcripts/sou012902.htm).

^One indeed wonders if this eclipse and the subsequent transit could ignite the fires of war, whether internally or externally remains to be seen. Trump certainly likes to blame others for anything that disrupts the status-quo and many say that this country itself has long been overdue for another civil war. (See the post entitled Spanish Flu & COVID-19)

Venus will then slip through the dragon’s grasp on August 4th, which will make 3 planets outside of the configuration. On that same day the Moon returns to its position during the Spring equinox, particularly significant to the US and to any other nations wherein the equinox chart drawn for the location of the capital had a fixed sign rising (making the chart viable for the entire year). Issues pertaining to women and childbirth (things like abortion, planned parenthood in the US) and possibly marital dilemmas may take center stage at this time.

Mars won’t slip the chains until March 28th 2021, and Saturn and Jupiter remain stuck for quite a long time, with Jupiter moving into Aquarius on April 6th 2021. At this point Jupiter will move out of its sign of debilitation and damages to the global economy may begin to see some minor improvements. As Jupiter/Saturn naturally rule the ebb and flow of the economy and the march of civilizations in general, their prolonged stay on the side of the nodal axis that featured all 7 planets during this pandemic probably relates to prolonged economic hardships, though one doesn’t need astrology to predict such things. If these planets had been close enough to the nodes so as to slip out of the configuration earlier on, this astrologer would probably predict that economies would recover more rapidly.

As usual I’ve probably missed something so please let me know if you have any insights you’d like to share!




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