Spanish Flu & COVID-19

Anything these two have in common besides being global flu pandemics?

Sure enough, according to astrology, yes . . . yes it does

The first recorded victim of the spanish flu can be traced to March 4th 1918. On this day Rahu was in Sagittarius/Mula Nakshatra while Ketu was in Gemini, in Mrigashira Nakshatra. This is almost an exact reversal of Rahu/Ketu’s positions on December 21st 2019.


What exactly does this mean? On the one hand it may mean that the spanish flu pandemic will still prove to be the more destructive of the two when it comes to people infected and lives lost, for the simple reason that Mula is perhaps the most destructive of the Nakshatras. If Rahu shows the virus, arguably Ketu shows the fallout or aftermath. While I do not yet know enough about the 1918 pandemic to comment upon Ketu’s position and what it means, if my theory is correct, then Ketu’s position relative to this pandemic, originally in Purva-ashadha/Sagittarius, could imply that war between nations is coming, as this nakshatra is associated with declarations of war. An ancient association for Sagittarius is missiles, arrows and warfare in general, which fits the symbolism of the celestial archer, half man/half horse (horses were commonly employed in warfare for millennia).

This was indicated via Ketu’s conjunction with Jupiter/Mercury and the Sun at the onset of the pandemic. Furthermore the Sun’s association could easily mean the crumbling of governmental powers, perhaps even the deaths of many world leaders, though its hard to say for certain because the Sun itself was not in Mula (the star of destruction) but in Purva-ashadha (one of the two invulnerable mansions of the Moon).

Also extremely significant is the fact that retrograde Mars is exactly square the nodes of the 1918 pandemic chart. This no doubt added to the rapid spread of the virus as well as the increasingly volatile effect it had upon people. It also originated or first appeared at an army base in Kansas, USA, yet another martial theme.



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