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Astrology has been touted as a holistic, sacred or divine science. As passionate students of this art we feel it in our hearts that there is some dynamic magik folding ceaselessly upon itself beyond the veil when it comes to this great body of knowledge, yet it is often difficult to voice what that is, to name it, to describe it.

The Truth is that the magik is beyond words and manifests in a live setting when the astrologer and client are connecting in such a way that the hidden momentarily unveils itself through the majesty of authentic human connection.

There is reading or consulting and then there is fortune teller pyrotechnics and charlatanry. A humble astrologer understands that, like a performer of music or theatre, they too are an audience member witnessing a performance as it unfolds & transpires. The only difference between performer and audience is that they embody the active role in the relationship, because in fact the magik of live performance is absent if there is no one present to with which share the treasures of the art (and yes that onlooker can be oneself, a rock, a tree, an animal or even God, should no other humans be present). At a certain point the active/passive, actor-performer/audience member dichotomy dissolves and there is merely an experience transpiring. Spirit is acting, Spirit is listening, nothing else.

An astrologer is merely a partner in the exploration of the client’s life. TOGETHER they investigate life. The astrologer is not doing anything other than opening doors of perception, gateways to hidden knowledge. Spirit makes itself manifest through the relationship between the two persons coming together in consultation. “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am”.

If all an astrologer can do is talk at a client, hurling disconnected pieces of information at them like a monkey slinging fecal matter for its own entertainment, then this has everything to do with the astrologer and their self proclaimed importance and nothing to do with SPIRIT. Any competent practitioner can sit there and tell a person about their life, especially concerning things that have already transpired, yet much of this information, which is often very abstract, could be easily obtained through astrological texts, cheaply purchased and quasi-delightful to read, or via the plethora of delineations available on the internet. In many cases computer generated reports, often free (like the ones you find in astro-sage kundli which are in fact excellent, or again cheaply purchased, can give a would be client a very compelling and accurate abstract to specific overview of their chart and life. So why would such a potential client then need to pay for a live reading only to hear an often less accurate and less compelling version of what is already available in books and internet sources?

It’s true that some people crave the attention and praise that often accompanies many astrology readings, or seek a reading for the sheer oooooh factor. Yet deep down even such individuals are in fact in search of the magik thread that intimately ties them to the ocean of mystery . . . They aren’t craving the entertainment factor that comes with an astrologer telling them they have three siblings and have been contemplating issues with their home for the past 3 days or so. These are nice parlour tricks but rarely, if ever, have any profound or positive impact upon the hearer. The purpose of an astrologer is not to recreate a pseudo-gypsy (excuse the derogatory term) fortune teller experience, by sitting there talking at a person for an hour straight about each and every configuration while naming all the factors and techniques — firing off repeated mortar strikes of astrological jargon.

Real information and insight require more than a bag of tricks. Astrologers of antiquity aimed at not only accurate prediction but also accurate advice and this required all the pertinent information necessary for them to hone their judgement. Blind readings were not a center piece or the forte of the art. Because of their disposition as humble servants, rather than attention seeking dazzlers, they would, more often than not, perform a rectification before providing pronouncing judgement upon a nativity. Rectification entails knowing quite a lot about the person before reading their chart.

As Divinatory artists we are weavers of meaning, architects of awareness. A consultation is a quasi-ritualistic experience in which the participants co-create a sacred space wherein Spirit can reveal itself. By offering themselves in service to others, with no attachment to the outcome, readers are rewarded by being made empty and becoming conduits of Spirit, while the client is rewarded by an awareness that may be called The Summons of Spirit. Through that which arises during and after the consultation the client is being summoned to undertake an inner journey, to investigate more fully the mystery of themselves. The most auspicious readings, which an astrologer has no control over manifesting, are portals to the twin cities of meaning and awareness.

In alchemical symoblism the joining of extreme opposites is the key to producing the lapis philosophorum (the philosopher’s stone). This joining together is at times referred to as the chymical wedding. A reading is much the same way and the wedding that occurs between the two or more minds involved produces a glimpse or, at times, a powerful descent of the magik and mystery always present, yet seemingly hidden, back of all life itself.

Praise Be To The One Supreme Infinite Mystery


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