Sarpa & Mala Yoga

These are some of the simplest yogas (planetary combinations) to understand, memorize and apply in horoscopy that everyone should know them even if they forget the name. Such yogas belong to a set of broad chart patterns that allow us as astrologers to establish the sub-text of everything else in the chart right off the bat. … Continue reading Sarpa & Mala Yoga

Celtic Cross In Depth

1. the heart of the matter at hand, the essence of the circumstances This card opens the door to what is happening for the querent. The suite of the card denotes the general theme of what is occurring, namely physical (pentacles), emotional (cups), will-based (wands), or mental (swords). Additionally every Tarot practitioner should know the … Continue reading Celtic Cross In Depth

Saturn & The Planets

In the post "Saturn & The Pressure Within" we discussed many core themes of Saturn in astrological symbolism. Let us continue our exploration of Saturn by offering additional insights, chart examples and commentary upon Saturn joined with the other planets. Introduction Saturn is often experienced as doubt, duplicity, confusion, negligence, ignorance, darkness, fear, misunderstanding, guilt, … Continue reading Saturn & The Planets

Saturn & The Pressure Within

Along with the Nodes, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto — Saturn is the most widely misunderstood planet in astrology. Not only does it create fear amongst amateur astrologers but even amongst many practitioners it is dreaded and that dread spills over into client work. Saturn's classical significations are things like fear, guilt, shame, avarice, selfishness, grief, … Continue reading Saturn & The Pressure Within

Number & The Planets in Astrology — Part II

Various Approaches The simplest method would be to take the Chaldean order, beginning with the Moon, as the basis for a planet—number correlation: Moon Mercury Venus Sun Mars Jupiter Saturn Immediately one perceives the Sun and Moon ought to be reversed, as the Moon’s four major phases correspond well to the 4-fold cross of manifestation … Continue reading Number & The Planets in Astrology — Part II

Number & The Planets in Astrology — Part I

Much confusion has arisen concerning this topic and questionable logic has been employed to create and definitive system whereby the planets of astrology can be satisfactorily linked to the numbers below 10. A school of thought has arisen that attempts to take the ancient correlation of planets to certain, numbered, days of the week as … Continue reading Number & The Planets in Astrology — Part I