COVID-19 Chart

The chart is set for December 31st as that is when the world was made aware of the virus. It is true that the earliest known case of the virus can be traced back to November 17th, however I find the announcement to the world to be more significant and the chart itself to more accurately match the nature of the events as they’ve transpired thus far.


I’ve selected the time above because the Moon has just aspected Rahu, significator of viruses. What is striking about this configuration is the fact that Rahu resides in Ardra nakshatra, the star of sorrow, a nakshatra associated with grief and tears as well as chaos, while the Moon resides in Satabishak nakshatra, one hundred medicines/physicians, and is associated with diseases so rare and novel that they require the attention of “one hundred (or innumerable) physicians”. The virus is clearly associated with grief, for it mainly affects the lungs, the seat of grief and kapha in Ayurvedic medicine.

Reading houses from the Moon we find that the Moon herself is the 6th lord (diseases). By 12th part placement of the Moon also moves into Cancer and the 6th house. This merely reinforces the disease being very prominent and powerful, spreading rapidly through human contact. The Moon is also in the very global/universal sign of Aquarius, and this sign is also considered a human sign. This symbolically tells us what we already know: that the virus is transmitted all over the world indiscriminately and again mainly via human contact and is more likely to spread through congregations of large groups. The fact that both Rahu and Moon are in air signs further aids to the respiratory nature and spread of this virus. Finally Aquarius denotes anything next to or near water and Wuhan, where the virus first emerged, sits by a river. It makes one wonder if the river itself was a conduit for the spread of the virus, for its precise origins are still unknown.

The cluster of planets (5 grahas + the previous new moon point) in fiery Sagittarius further adds to the global nature of this disease and the fact that it is spreading like a wildfire (I am reminded of Apollo firing arrows of plague into the camps of the Greeks during the Trojan war). The Sun is darkened by its close proximity with Ketu and application to Saturn, while the Moon herself is also rather dark. This is an omen for a dark period of time in which not much will make sense or be easily discerned. People in general will be blind to what this pandemic entails and implies.

Mercury, ruler of Rahu, sits exactly conjoined the previous lunation in Sagittarius and Mula nakshatra. Mercury rules the 8th house of death and destruction relative to the Moon and closely aspects Rahu, perhaps highlighting the deadly nature of the virus once again. The previous lunation point is said by some to be the primal source for everything in a given chart. It is also close to Jupiter, Ketu and the Sun. With 4 grahas strongly influencing this point we can conclude that the source of this virus, whether physically or spiritually speaking, has it origins in a diverse set of factors. Mercury and Jupiter are the planets being the most prominent here, and there placement in Mula nakshatra may imply that this virus is here to destroy those ideologies that create a waring and conquering attitude amongst humanity, or that instead these warring ideologies and xenophobias (some examples are the Chinese suppression of Muslim communities, the USA’s fear of immigrants and systemic racism in general, many European countries angry at the influx of Syrian and other refugees) are at the root of this virus.

It is also a sign of the emptiness and futility of money, for Jupiter and Mercury together deal with the management and mis-management of money and wealth. Ketu’s close proximity to these two grahas and their placement in Ketu’s nakshatra of Mula could be a symbol that money and rampant expansion of individual and national powers have largely been used as an attempt to fill a void, in a way that is unfulfilling, even self destructive. Ketu resides in Purva-Ashadha (the former undefeated) while Saturn sits in Uttara-Ashadha (the latter undefeated) and to my mind this is symbolic of a shallow victory (to win, but at what cost), or a crumbling of a perceived sense of immortality and invulnerability. This is especially applicable to the US, but could really be said for any of the first world nations and superpowers. The world powers have utterly failed time and time again to unify, to provide real and lasting aid to those in need, and to strengthen their own nations in a holistic and harmonious manner.

I believe much and more could be said about this chart but I’ll leave off here.

Thanks for reading.



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