Exploring The Plague I

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Reflections upon the enzyme called Furin, and what it means psycho-spiritually with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic:

Furin is an enzyme which “functions to cleave other proteins into their mature/active forms” (wikipedia). It is “found across many tissues” (atlantic article linked below). This is the enzyme that COVID19 utilizes to cleave itself in two, which it must due in order to enter a host cell. (“Coronavirus spikes consist of two connected halves, and the spike activates when those halves are separated; only then can the virus enter a host cell” – ibid).

This is a very Martian theme. The out of balance Mars function manifests as rage, wrath and violent actions that are fundamentally self seeking or born out of a victim mentality. In the US these are huge themes and the US chart features Mars in the 8th house in Gemini, wherein Rahu, ruler of viruses is currently transiting. In fact it is possible that when Rahu transits the position of Mars in the US chart (0 Gemini), which happens in early September, there could be yet another upsurge of viral activity in this country, especially since Mars is also the 1st lord (people and the nation as a whole) and the 6th lord (diseases).

Psycho-spiritually I believe that the implications of this enzyme’s catalytic agency in regards to enabling the virus to operate in the human body are an indicator that our Martial function is way out of balance. Therefore the themes listed above (rage, violence, etc.) are in a sense responsible for enabling the virus to wreak havoc. In other words collectively our tendency across the world, and especially in this country, to worship violence and division born out of a sense of futility and self victimization, are major factors that have given rise to this pandemic. The more we try and blame one another and act in self serving ways that create more division, the more this virus will be enabled to wreak havoc because it has an invitation.

Interestingly enough Mars was transiting in early Scorpio, its own sign, on December 31st when the disease became known worldwide. As I learned about this enzyme I was reminded of the Hydra myth in which Herakles severs a head of the great beast only to find that two grow back in its place. Scorpio is associated with all such ferocious beasts, serpents, spiders etc. as well as virulent emotional hatred and rage. The 12th sign from any sign shows the end of things related to that sign, thus Libra as the 12th from Scorpio illustrates that diplomacy, equanimity and collaboration are required to make it out of the swamps of sorrow. On a healthy level anger motivates change, and as we see in the story fire succeeded where cleaving alone failed. The Hydra’s necks needed to be cauterized so as to prevent them from regrowing and to do this Herakles enlisted the aid of his nephew Iolaus to apply such fire after he severed the heads from the body. The point is he could not do it alone. We cannot do anything alone because in fact we never are alone, and if we are not wise like Herakles, and choose not to overcome our differences and our false sense of isolation and “rugged” individualism, then this virus will continue to grow many more heads (and here I refer specifically to all of the fallout and other issues created by this virus and the ensuing pandemic).


Read the full article I am referencing here:



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